We sell your boat

Our program

We showcase your boat. Small inventory levels mean more focus on your boat. We advertise, we take the calls, we show/demo the boat, and most important... we get it sold. 

Unique Techniques

Since we will only have 2 to 3 aluminum boats in Portland on consignment at any given time, your boat gets our full concentration on being sold. We have years of experience in the aluminum fishing boat industry, and the product knowledge that comes with it. We know how to show and sell your boat.

Your Advantage

Your boat is not sitting out on a lot, in the weather, mixed among 100 boats. It is inside our facility ready for viewing. Need to sell it now? We buy boats outright, call us to discuss what you have and its value. Aluminum all-welded fishing boats only please.


Additional Information

As boats are equipped differently, each boat will be looked at individually. Selling fees will vary from boat to boat. (Talking about rod holders on a boat, is a lot different, then us on the water showing a TR1 gold autopilot at work.) All boat and trailer packages must have clear titles and registered owner must be present to sign all necessary consignment documents. (photo copies of titles will be kept on file until sale is finalized.) Please have a general idea what you want $ for the boat. The boat should be in good working order with components operational, every consignment boat will go through a complete component checklist so the boat can be represented properly. Boats that are not ready for showing and require repair and/or detailing services, will be discussed on a per boat basis. Give us a call.

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